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Jarhad given charge as NMMC chief

Mumbai,Vashi Edition
Date of Publishing: 20 Sep 2013


Abasaheb Jarhad was appointed as municipal commissioner of the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) by the state government on Friday, September 13. Jarhad was given additional charge as the municipal commissioner of NMMC on Tuesday, July 2. His appointment came in the wake of Bhaskar Wankhede, the previous commissioner’s retirement.
Earlier, he was the district collector in Thane and received appreciation for his work. He believes in taking administration to the doorsteps of the common man. “We need to work on our communication process with the common people to be able to reach out better. I have always followed people-centric policies for their welfare. The results will be quite clear in the next three months,” says Jarhad.
He was recently criticised in the standing committee meeting for delaying the sanctioning of files that have been pending for months. Jarhad had said that he wants to ensure that all proper procedures are followed leading to the much-delay. He has earlier worked as an additional commissioner in the sales tax department. He has also worked as a secretary to the chief minister earlier.
The newly-appointed civic chief says, “I have started visiting various sites, and my emphasis will be on effective communication with officials to fast-track the decision-making process. If we bring in transparency, and connect with people, issues will get cleared up faster.”
He is credited with the yellow revolution in the tribal belt of Jawahar and Mokhada in Thane district, which helped 102 adivasi farmers come together to cultivate 100 tonnes of turmeric on 60 acres of farmland and then sell it commercially. While the farmers earlier earned only a few thousands, their income rose to almost a lakh of rupees per acre.
“We had implemented a scheme to distribute all kinds of certificates under one roof in Thane collectorate. The scheme became an instant hit as the long wait was now over for the people. Such schemes help in connecting with people and winning their confidence,” says Jarhad, when enquired about his plans for the future.

--Ankita Menon

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