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Promote education with a rupee

Mumbai,Thane Edition
Date of Publishing: 02 Jun 2012


Umang Foundation, a Mulund-based registered NGO, has been focussing and working towards promoting education through its various initiatives. One of the key projects of Umang Foundation is 'Promote Education'. Under the programme,  under privileged students will be provided with stationery kits for the academic year. Team Umang is gearing up to provide assistance to more than 10,000 students this academic year, which begins in June.
The NGO accepts donations amounting to as little as Re1. A single rupee can also help a child.
Ashish Goyal, founder of Umang Foundation, said, “Team Umang works hard throughout the year for this stationery distribution drive which is typically carried in June. We have always believed that education is paramount for every child, hence 'Promote Education' has always been one of our key initiatives. There is a lot of homework involved but team Umang always tries to increase the number of beneficiary students."
“This June too, Team Umang is ready to help almost double the number of students than before. I pride the efforts of our team," he said.He added with a smile, "In this inflated economy, we are here to redefine the value of one rupee.
Amrit, a young student, said, “Umang Foundation has helped me understand the value of a rupee. A rupee which sounds so insignificant can secure a child's academic year. I'm excited to be a part of the stationery distribution drive of Umang Foundation.”
You can contact Ashish Goyal on 9819940222 for volunteering opportunities.

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