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Bake sale by children
Date of Publishing: 2012-12-28 00:00:00.0

Christmas brings out the best in every one; the urge to help, to be in the good books of Santa and in general feel happy and cheerful especially when you help some one or an organization. The children of Harmony Society in Aundh did just that. They managed to raise double the amount than expected in charity for Blue Cross Society of India, Pune.
These kids showed their prowess in baking and also in selling all their goodies. A small table laid in the parking of the society, was beautifully decorated; handmade posters, little bric-brats and the baked goods which looked delicious wrapped by the kids look very appealing to the buyers.
The baked goodies consisted of a variety of choices like Chocolate chip cookies, Melting moments (jam and cream in between), Brownies, Marble cake, Carrot and date cake, Iced cup cakes and biscuits.
The children  Swarada Bharadwaj, Eeshaan Singh-Basu, Tanay Sane, Yamini Krishnan, Gargi Agrawalla, Meenal Agrawalla and Anvay Sane.
“We had planned this almost a month but we began the process almost four days ago,” informed Yamini, while Swarada added that they tried out recipes before deciding on which to make. “We are all passionate about the welfare of the animals and love for animals, thus we decided to give the proceeds from the sales to Blue Cross - an organization that helps animals.”  
“Planning this sale has helped them spend part of their vacation constructively, spend their energy on a good cause, learn to work well as a team and understand things like how to calculate costs on a spreadsheet. Most of all it has taught them how much effort goes into planning something like this and how rewarding it can be,” added Sumitra Krishnan, resident of Harmony Society.  
Even the special kids like Gargi and Meenal have helped. Their mother Nisha Agrawalla felt that this kind of bake sale and their involvement helped boost their morale. “My kids helped made the cookies. This has helped them with their language, comprehension and cooking skills.  They intend to help the social cause by donating the amount earned by selling these cookies.  

--Prachi Bari


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