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Bus shelter dumped
Date of Publishing: 2012-09-08 00:00:00.0

The debris dumped inside the bus shelter at Old Rajinder Nagar Market have rendered the shelter useless for commuters.
The bus shelter is completely full of bricks and construction material kept by shopkeepers and residents of nearby areas. There is no check by the authorities.
A commuter and resident of the area Manisha Sarthi informed, "The bus shelter is used for dumping construction materials and parking cars by area shopkeepers and residents. One can also see sacks of rice and wheat from the nearby mills, kept in the stand."
Buses of route numbers 522, 953 and 353 stop at this stand, but due to non availability of space at the stop, the bus drivers stop the bus at a place convenient to them. Meanwhile, the drivers allege that they are forced to stop the buses at their own will as the bus shelter has no space for buses to stop.
"We can't do anything as people stand anywhere they like. We have to stop wherever commuters signal us to stop," said Puroshattam Anand, a bus driver of route no. 522.
It's the residents who are the sufferers ultimately. General secretary of Rajinder Nagar Welfare Association SP Gupta said, "We have informed the police and written to the local councillors but no action has been taken against these encroachers. The authorities should come out with a permanent solution to this problem."

"I am aware of the problem and we are working on this. This is a very old problem and we are trying our best to remove the encroachment from the shelter. I will call a meeting and take action accordingly.
Rajesh Bhatia, Local MCD councillor"


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