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Colony gates create big trouble for the residents
Date of Publishing: 2011-04-15 00:00:00.0

Many RWAs are constructing gates in the residential colonies of South Delhi violating the prescribed norms. These colony gates, especially those installed in the back lanes have caused immense trouble to the residents.
As per the prescribed norms issued by the High Court and MCD in the year 2005, gates should be put up only for security and safety purposes in the residential areas. But many RWAs are installing the gates wherever they feel like. As a result, residents are facing great trouble. "Recently, in an incident in Amar Colony a house caught fire. Fire brigade and ambulance had to struggle a lot due to inadequate space and closed gates. As a result six people lost their lives. This unfortunate incident shows how the narrow back lanes and closed gates hinder the emergency services," said Subhash Varma, a resident of Amar Colony.

Amar Colony
Each block of Amar Colony has separate back lane with back side entry gates that always remain close. Residents blame the MCD and police for not pulling up the RWAs, who installs gates, keeping in view their own interest. Vikram Samant, a resident says, "Absence of an alternate entry point at the gates creates inconvenience for the residents. All the gates should remain open during the day time as per MCD guidelines."
Amar Colony has six back lane gates that remain closed even in daytime. Blocks E, F and B are much affected areas. Sushma Gupta, a resident says, "We witnessed how six people lost their lives. We want RWAs to learn from this." Fire brigade vehicle had to stay 300 ft away from the spot and it was impossible for them to operate from there. Water pipes were not reaching up to the building. Finally they decided to smash the gate but that took more than one hour and six people died during this process. There was not a guard present there, which made the situation further worse.Regarding any dispute for installation of iron gates in residential colonies, the high court issued orders on September 8, 2005 to Commissioner MCD to formulate either bylaws or guidelines pertaining to erection of gates on public roads and residential areas. The high court also ordered to take suggestions from RWAs and ACP of the area. RWA president of Amar Colony, VK Gupta says, "Gates should be in favour of residents. Recently in a meeting, we have decided to keep them open."
On the other side Councillor BP Mandal says, "We are working on back lanes. In the near future, residents will have clear back lanes with functional gates. Any suggestion from the residents' end is welcome."
Greater Kailash
Similarly Blocks M, B and C of GK I have narrow and encroached back lanes. Almost all residents have their back side entries but backlanes are not clear at all. Some of them are encroached while others don't have functional gates. "In 1988, I was the chairman of RWA and 11 gates were erected during my tenure. We built the gates for security purpose but police and MCD mismanaged the policy. There was a proper system to keep the gates open till two at night but after commercialisation everything has been ruined," said JG Sukheja, a resident. 
 At Block M, one of the posh colonies of South Delhi, the entry is restricted from the back side. Another resident Pankaj Khurana says, "They are influential people. They mould things according to their own benefits and residents have to suffer."
Councillor OP Sharda says, "Back lanes have been renovated in several blocks and blockage from other blocks will be cleared soon." On the same matter Deputy Commissioner of the central zone Vikas Anand says, "Authorities will work for the benefit of the residents, RWAs should follow the prescribed norms."

As per provision of Section 320 of DMC (Delhi Municipal Corporation) Act, "No person shall, except with the permission of the commissioner, MCD granted in this behalf erect or set up any wall, fence, rail post step, booth or other structure whether fixed or movable fixture in or upon any street or upon or over any open channel, drain, well or tank." Policy/Guidelines for installation of gates for security purpose in colonies:

  •  RWA will prepare the layout plan of the colony showing the provision of iron gates at limited entry and exit points in the colony.
  •  Minimum width of the gate should be 5.0 metre and height not more than 3.0 metres.
  •  There should not be any barrier/advertisement on the top of the gate to keep the gate free from vertical or horizontal obstruction. However, if gate is needed then it should five metre up from the ground level.
  •  Gates will be allowed only at main access points of colony/block/pocket.
  •  Local police can allow gates inside the lanes or back lanes only if these lanes have opening towards colony roads.
  •  Guard or appointed person should have the keys of all entry and exit gates.

We witnessed how six people lost their lives. We want RWAs to learn from this.”

–Sushma Gupta,
Resident, Amar Colony
                                                                                                                                           –Gorky Bakshi


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