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Dancing is her passion and profession
Date of Publishing: 2011-01-05 00:00:00.0

She is an award winning actor, a dancer, an instructor and a choreographer at the age of 20. Rutuja Shinde a last year commerce student from MIT started learning dance when she was in the eighth standard and after her tenth, she became a dance instructor. Her work has always been her source of entertainment, "so I never feel like I need a break from my schedule. The best part of my life is that I am doing what I love to do. My passion is my profession, so I always put my heart in what ever I do," says the chirpy Rutuja.
As a child she enjoyed watching actors dance and act in movies, but didn't know what acting was all about. "At that time I was more inclined towards dancing. Then I did one play in a school gathering, it was then when I really started enjoying acting," adds Rutuja. Since then there has been no looking back for her, slowly her liking and passion for acting grew. She recently won an award for her acting in the play Tipping Point. "The play is written and directed by Gashmeer Mahajani and is based on virtual relationships. The best part of the play is that the roles of motherboard, keyboard, monitor and mouse all are played by actors. I play 2 roles in the play, one is a doctor in her twenties and another of a teenage girl. Both the characters are completely different," explains Rutuja. This is her first ever play and playing such strong roles was quite an exciting thing for her.
Till date she has won two awards one at the Raj Karandak and the other one at Umbartha Karandak. "Frankly speaking I never expected any award, and when I won it I was very much surprised.". The awards she won have been an encouragement for her to do better in every performance.
Rutuja is expert in five of Latin dance forms: viz; Salsa, Samba Cha-cha-cha, Jive and Rumba. She is one of the senior most instructors at the GRM's Academy of Performing Arts. Apart from Latin forms, she also takes batches in Bollywood and Hip Hop. "Dance is the Best way to express feelings. Every move should come right from Heart!" she says.


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