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Each one teach one
Date of Publishing: 2012-03-31 00:00:00.0

Young professionals have come together to enlighten the minds of under privileges students

When Ashish Goyal, founder of Umang Foundation, looked at the dismal condition of Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) schools, he decided to address the problem. Through his effort, Goyal started a programme to educate underprivileged students.
Umang is supported by Tata Capital Ltd. It focuses on providing education to students between classes I and VII.
Goyal says, "Teachers at TMC schools are not able to give proper attention to the students, and also the conventional classroom-style teaching  can tire students. This can sometimes wean them off studies completely. Our aim is to educate children in a practical way. We don't believe in rote learning.”   
The volunteers also identify education-deprived students from slum areas, and make an effort to provide them with quality education.
Goyal says, “The basic idea of this programme is to increase one-on-one interaction of the student with his guide. We want to re-establish the guru-shishya tradition that has lost its charm.”
He further explains that volunteers will teach students subjects like  Maths and English with. "Most of the volunteers in the team are highly qualified doctors, engineers and MBA professionals. They take classes on weekends,” informs Goyal.
Goyal tells us that two volunteers will teach five students to make the whole interaction a healthy process. We want the students to benefit from this initiative, he adds.
The NGO has begin its first programme at Laxmi Chirag Nagar. Goyal, along with the volunteers, has picked students from the TMC schools in the area, after talking to the school teachers.
He says, "We have identified weak students with the help of  teachers."
“Once the project is successful in Thane, it will be implemented in others locations too," informs Goyal.
About the NGOUmang foundation also organises blood donation camps, tree plantation drives, eye donation and medical check-up camps. The foundation has arranged 127 camps until now.

Help needed
Umang is facing a severe shortage of volunteers for its pilot project that involves teaching under privileged students. If you are willing to devote four to five hours, you can contact Ashish Goyal on 98819940222



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