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Illegal dumping of debris troubles Kharghar
Date of Publishing: 2011-04-30 00:00:00.0

Illegal dumping of construction debris has become a major concern for the residents of Kharghar as many builders who are developing the area have been negligently dumping debris according to their will.
As the area is still developing, there are a large number of vacant plots which are yet to be developed by CIDCO. Seeing this, many builders easily get rid of construction debris by dumping it in these vacant plots which also gives a bad look to the city. This has been troubling the residents a lot.
This has also been posing health hazard and forced residents to crave for a clean and healthy environment which seems to be a distant dream as authorities have been negligent towards the issue. Vishal Malhotra, a resident informed, "Debris dumped at the garden of Sector 19 troubles us a lot. We have lodged many complaints in this regard but to no avail."
People dump debris late at night so that no one can catch them. Another resident Harpal Singh said, "A few months ago, debris was dumped near Gharkul society at night. The debris was cleared only after it started posing a health hazard as it had become a breeding ground of different kinds of mosquitoes. Similar problems are also faced by residents of Raghunath Vihar and many other areas."
Vinod Ravi, Executive Engineer, Kharghar said, "This problem has been existent in the area for a long time. This might be the work of the builders who do not find place to dump the debris and use such vacant plots. It becomes extremely difficult to catch hold of such truck drivers as they unload the debris and immediately run away."
He added, "If residents inform us about dumping of garbage on 67121006, we will immediately clear it. We have passed the tender of building the boundary walls on the vacant plots, so that this problem is solved. If boundary walls are constructed then the dumping of debris on the vacant plots would stop."


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