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Recipes for Gauri and Ganpati Festival
Date of Publishing: 2011-09-03 00:00:00.0

Cityplus reader and Kothrud resident Padmaja Kulkarni shares with us two special recipes for the Ganpati Festival

"Unde is made during the festival and is also prasad for Gauri. These recipes are specially made to welcome and bid a goodbye to Lord Ganesha by inhabitants of Belgaum in Karnataka. Unde is cooked to welcome the Ganesha while Pohe-Gul-Kela is made to bid farewell to Ganesha," informed Kulkarni.

For the outer layer:
* 1 cup scented rice flour,
* ½ cup water, oil,
* Salt to taste     

For the filling:
* 1 cup coconut grated
* ½ cup jaggery
* Little cardamom
* Roasted sesame seeds
* Saffron and dry fruits

Heat grated coconut and jaggery together in the bottom pan until thick. Add cardamom powder and dry fruits to the mixture when cool. Set aside. To make the outer covering, heat water in another pan, wait till the water just about starts bubbling. Add rice flour, oil and keep stirring till smooth dough is formed (ukad). When cooled, apply ghee to the palm and knead the dough. Make small rounded cups of the dough, add spoonful of coconut mix to it and press gently to flatten. Shallow fry and serve hot along with ghee or coconut milk. "Coconut milk is called 'Aaprus' in the Belgaum region," told Kulkarni.

Specially made before the idol immersion

* Thick pohe (beaten- puffed rice) - 1 Cup
* Jaggery - ½ Cup
* Bananas- 1 or 2 numbers
* Milk - 1 Cup
* Cardamom Powder - ½ tea spoon
* Almonds- 6 pieces

Wash the pohe thoroughly. Stand by for a while. Add jaggery to the milk and stir well to ensure homogeneous milk formation. Cut bananas into small pieces. Make small pieces of almonds. Place the pohe, milk mixture, almond, banana pieces and cardamom powder together in a large bowl, mix well. Add extra milk to adjust the consistency of the mixture. It may become too thick as pohe gets puffy after some time.



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