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Residents oppose DP
Date of Publishing: 2013-06-14 00:00:00.0

The IMDR auditorium was full with people, all eager to listen to what will be the state of their city once the Devlopment plan implemented. Important people who cared about the city like Bhai Vaidya, MP Vandana chavan, Aneeta Benninger, Sujit Patwardhan, Ujwal Keskar and Vivek Velankar discussed the DP with the people to draw the attention to mistakes that could be costly for the city.
Resident of Deccan, Madhavi Rahirkar who was in attendance felt that it was the need of the hour that there was a platform for residents to interact with experts who can tell us what is needed for the city. "This seminar was also the platform to make your voice heard and make this DP more a public movement."
The urban planners and environmentalists felt that the norms for the reservations made are incorrect and reduced; hence they feel that the norms that were in 1987 DP plan. "There is vast difference between Draft prepared by Town Planning Officer and draft approved by general body," mentioned Sujit Patwardhan.  Aneeta Benninger also felt that all the reservations will be developed by either reservation of DC rules or under PPP. In this case PMC gets only 15 to 25 percent land reserved for public purpose that will reduce the reservation by 75 to 85 percent. Reducing reservation this way will hamper intention of DP; hence all the reservation kept must be used for that purpose only.
Most of the people present were of the view that the reservation on forestland must be cancelled, and rivers and other natural water resources should be handed over to PMC for supervision purpose only, PMC cannot make any temporary or permanent construction on it, as well as 7 to 9 meter area around those is always a green belt, this has been overlooked.
"What we need to fight for is getting our entitlements according to norms and progressing towards standards, where we are protecting our environmental integrity: protecting our water bodies and hills. We also need to regenerate bio diversity and riparian zones to ensure that the water bodies and hills are empowered to play their natural life giving role," added Patwardhan.


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