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Right vs responsibility
Date of Publishing: 2013-10-16 00:00:00.0

Youth will play a big role in the forthcoming Loksabha elections. They seem to know what they want but surprisingly have not woken up to the fact that they need to register themselves as voters first. Will they stand up to their responsibility?

Even though the youngsters are fully aware of their rights to vote, many of them are yet to register themselves as voters.  Right to good governance starts with fulfilling the responsibility as voters. Team Cityplus spoke to students and working young professionals. They  wish for a better country but shockingly have not equipped themselves as voters.

Aspiring politician with no voter ID
He is an aspiring politician who iaspires to have his own party named ‘Humari Apni Party. He is dissatisfied with the roads, education and healthcare facilities. But the irony is, he is not registered himself  as a voter.
Gaurav Gupta, senior student of Nowrosjee Wadia College,

NO voter ID
Expectation: Roads are horrible. Some of the main routes are very congested. Hope that is solved.
Sagarika, student of Abeda Inamdar College

NO voter ID
A University of Pune (externals) student said, “Inflation has touched an all time high. Affording a house today is just a distant dream. Being an Aam Aadmi, survival is getting increasingly difficult”
Sheikh Muzzafar Ibrahim, 22 Year old

NO voter ID
Expectation:  India is known to be a country of youngsters and full of talent. But where does one showcase their talent there are so many youngsters who are unemployed. Government has to reform its rules and regulation otherwise more youngster will be unemployed. And it’s the same youth that after spending so much money on education will turn into criminals.
Akhil Nair, 22 engineering  student

Will not vote
Expectation : Education quality in India is really bad. Even with the changing times our syllabus has not changed. There is hardly any practical knowledge that a student’s gains whether its in the school or in the colleges. Everyone is just concerned about grades but only grades wont help them. If we have to bring in the change, then this things will have to change drastically in the education sector
Sunil Sakpal, 24, MBA student

Will vote
Expectations : Health sector is something that governments needs to pay attention most of the government hospitals are in pathetic condition. Recently one my friend had to be admitted in the hospital, the hospital even lacked in many basic facilities. We then shifted my friend to private hospital, which costs us double the money. Where are all the poor people suppose to go who lack the kind of money that is needed to get the treatment in private hospitals.
Vivek Meshram, 25 marketing executive.

Will vote
Expectation: Control over road traffic. Also, crimes have to be reduced”
Shreya Sonawane, student of 3rd year, Fergusson College

Who cares?
A MBA student, she has never voted till now and does not wish to vote. Says she does not believe in politics.
Samruddhi Deo, F Y MBA Student

Will vote
Expectation: It is important that there is decentralization of power in politics to curb corruption. Moreover, people from different regions should be able to vote even if they are not permanent residents of the city. It leads to maximum participation from the public in choosing their leaders.” (Has Voter ID, plans to vote in the upcoming elections.)
Viraj Nalawade, an IT employee


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