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Talk food, they know it all
Date of Publishing: 2012-01-20 00:00:00.0

Their love for food is taking them places, literally! 

Food Enthusiasts of Delhi                                                       
While surfing Facebook randomly I came across this very unique club Food Enthusiasts of Delhi (FED) that made me wonder what exactly this group does. Going through the page, I realised this is a core food aficionados' group that loves munching and trying out different food items in every nook and corner of Delhi. And don't be surprised if you see a huge group outside an eating joint on the streets and roads of Delhi. They could be members of the group relishing the food. The group founded by Shashank Aggrawal has the sole aim to try out various new food items and relish the delicacies.
Now, there are more than 4000 members in the club who follow all the food walks in the city.  "I love to eat. It's my passion and love for food that forced me to start this group on Facebook. I started this group last year in April with a few followers and now the members are increasing day by day," said Shashank.
The members primarily operate through their Facebook page and mailing lists. "Suggestions, feedback, walk plans, and post walk pictures everything is there on our Facebook page. We have an active mailing list, too, through which we spread information about upcoming events," he says. The members meet every weekend for a food walk. In their last meeting, a group of 53 members went to Paharganj. "The place has its own charm and we had yummy samosas, kachori with chane and alloo ki sabzi," said a member of the group Sartaj Ahmed Saifi.
People of any age group can join the community, however, children should be accompanied with their parents.

--Madhuri Balodi


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