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Thousand letters a day in AAP office
Date of Publishing: 2014-02-01 00:00:00.0

The Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) office in Kaushambi receives whopping 1000 letters a day on an average from different corners of the nation. A majority of them are from Ghaziabad and Noida. Cityplus gives you a sneak peek of what is done to these letters and what are they all about.

Let them be congratulatory, related to grievances, ones expressing personal problems, political scenario, suggestions for better governance or any other topic, AAP office receives hundreds of them every day. They can be as long as 50 pages, may have detailed analysis of a constituency, loopholes and strategies of other political parties or even have books, poems, and flowers along with them as a token of love for the top leaders, the letter receiving cell of the party works round the clock to go through their contents and address the issues.
The letter receiving cell in the office starts the procedure by reading the letter where all the important points are underlined. After this, the gist of the letter, date of receiving, name of the member who read it etc is written on the top of the letter. The entry of the letter is made in the software to keep a record and the letters are segregated according to their type- related to civic issues, suggestions, personal ones etc.
 “Once we receive the letter, we send an acknowledgment to the sender through sms, email or call, that we have received the letter. After reading it properly, we decide to act upon them,” tells KN Shashi, member of letter receiving cell.
A recent letter talked about the plight of a 30-year mother of three tiny tots from Noida whose husband had left her 7 years ago. She received the monthly alimony of Rs. 2000 and highlighted the legal hassles she was facing to increase the alimony.
“The woman was illiterate and could not afford the fees of a good lawyer. After reading the letter, we contacted her and asked one of our volunteer who is a lawyer to help her and expedite the case,” tells Pooja Jain Nagpal, a member of grievances cell.
On being asked whether the letters are able to make their way to CM Arvind Kejriwal, Shashi smiles, “All the letters are read by us and we try to help people ourselves through our helplines and members in other areas. Those with major problems, extremely good suggestions are sent to the top leaders. ”
Satyapal Chibbar, a 77-year-old member of the team reads maximum numbers of letters in a day. He takes out a letter from his bag that he says has brilliant suggestions.
“The letter has been written by a highly qualified person from Sahibabad and has given useful suggestions for Janlokpal bill. He has written how the bill should also focus on changing the mind sets and character of corrupt officials along with the punishment. He has also asked the ministers to step into the shoes of labours once in a month to understand their day-to-day problems. Further, he has congratulated the party for spreading positive vibes unlike others who play negative and uninspiring politics,” tells Chibbar who plans to take the letter to the top party leaders. Another letter which highlights the corruption in Indian Coast Guard has been selected to send to the CM.


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