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Weekly Horoscope 31 Jan 2014 to 06 Feb 2014


Work:- job seekers also need to ‘go out of bounds’ their search for work, although they seem successful this week. Finance:- do more homework and avoid major purchases or investments right now. Review the financial life and see where improvements can be made. Romance:- your sign is not especially good for marriage or committed relationships. Health: Don’t be so self sacrificial. A period of temporary suspension of activities. Lots of hang-ups.


Work: If you're in the process of launching a new idea or new line of business, signing contracts might be needed sooner than you expected in order to land the deal. Romance: Relationship will give you a testing time, but not always. Remember, it takes two hands to clap. Marriage is a two-way affair and you have to give first and expect later. Finance: A gentle and considerate man of business will be offering you help this week, to advance your moneymaking endeavors. Health: A balance diet, regular exercise and a calm positive outlook can keep you on track and in good health.


Work: Don’t concentrate on unimportant details. This is time of doubt and confusion doesn’t act immediately but patiently wait for illumination from your higher mind. Romance: the love and social life have been marred by instability and stress. Finance: Your financial well-being is currently on slippery ground. Someone is trying to outwit you where money is concerned. This isn't personal; it's the way of the business world you're dealing with. Health: Meditation helps to ground you. You benefit spiritually from connected to ecology, herbs, and alternative medicine.


Work: At job, your ability to handle the details will make others more aware of your skills. Benefits may come through co-workers. Any type of service that you may provide is likely to go well. Romance: You want to see your love life progress quickly, but it is not certain that your obligation and responsibilities will allow this. Finance: You each try to change the other’s mind about the issues. You will have the insight and talent to plane ventures and financial projects with care and deep thought, weighing up the pros and cons. Health: Probe to understand your core belief about health, illness and the body’s integrity.


Work: This week brings beneficial social interactions and meetings. New contacts will be useful. You will be energetic at work but hastiness will spoil the work and you may then require repeating the procedure. Romance: Unpredictability of mood is not for people who want to enjoy the pleasure of a romantic love life. Finance: Something from your past needs to be brought forward into your present to re-invigorate your finances. This could mean re-constructing an attitude you once had to money, or maybe a way you had in the past of earning it. Health: Most of you will be full of vitality, energy and enthusiasm during the week and have everything you need to enjoy stability and strength.


Work: You will run your work smoothly except some reversals of work done before. Any change in the previous work is expected. Meetings and presentations will not bring suitable result. Romance: Romance may bloom at workplace while working with a compatible associate. Finance: Do not waste your money in frivolous items. Investments in shares and speculations will be favorable. Health: Health of children will improve, especially if they are running with any health ailment. Slow but sure improvement will make you feel satisfied about them.


Work: You will have to focus on the practicalities of life now. As if you haven’t been served up a generous meal of work, involvement, things to do in life, there’s still more to come. Romance: The relationship may get intense and could be in the know of people around you. Finance: Beside planning and executing the expenditure-control exercises for your organization, it is time to look at your personal finances also. Health: You are advised to be careful about any mishap at your workplace, and to take extra care of face and eyes.


Work: You are going through a transformation that will have a huge impact on your consciousness and work, even the rest of you life. Romance: A good husband/ wife or a good lover is the role you choose to play earnestly, passionately and romantically. Finance: Finances are paramount but more as a means to an end – of better family life and interaction with friends, loved ones. Problems will cause you to shut down emotionally, but not letting on what is really going on inside will make the pressure build.


Work: You to fours on your career this week. It is better to plan and work hard than to ponder about the unfavorable or fear that something negative is about to happen in the future. Romance: You will get plenty of highs in your married life and romance. Don’t get too impulsive to cross your limits while buying gifts and presents for your sweetheart. Finance: You have a keen business sense. By fostering the belief that money is simply energy that you can manifest, you draw prosperity and opportunities for financial success. Health: You would be healthier than you think you are.


Work: Work is vial for you but so, too, are people. People you like and those who are important in your work, are guiding and enriching you in subtle ways. Romance: You allow yourself to be swept along spontaneously by the special relationship which you will enjoy. Finance: Faith leads on to higher this could even take a legal shape, evolved spiritual pursuits/beliefs and finances, too, move beyond the domestic level. Health: Children will not keep up to your expectations. Health or their peering problems may disturb them for a while.


Work: You should have a will do well butonly hard work will pay off. Romance: This will apply almost equally to matters that affect your pocket and your heart. A new sense of realism in existing partnerships. You may sense some sort of reserve attitude or distance in intimacy. However, it is not alarming if you are at good terms. Finance: Financially this is a general week with expenditures. You will bring some shuffling in financial management, which will certainly bring you a good growth. Health: You need to take your medicines regularly and a proper diet as well. Only minor or avoidable health problems are seen.


Work: You will find new opportunities in work as well as better luck in other areas of life. Romance: You have to be true to yourself, but beware of hurting a good friends or loving partner. A valuable relationship is sensitive and vulnerable at the point. Finance: The inner self that I spoke about just above doesn’t get pushed into the background though you’re busy (with some socializing and perhaps business entertaining also). Health: Health would be fairly good this week.

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